In 1984, Major George Malone, The Deputy Grand Master, was dispatched to Bermuda by the Grand Master, The Lord Donegal, to lay the groundwork of establishing a “fourth lodge” which was a prerequisite for a Provincial Grand Lodge.

Many meetings were held during that visit and plans moved forward under the leadership of The Grand Inspectors, Very Worshipful Brother George Arthur DeShields and subsequently Very Worshipful Brother Lawrence L. Clarke, with both regretfully passing to the “Grand Lodge Above” before the constitution of the fourth lodge could be effected.

Right Worshipful Brother Dr. Clarence E. James, having succeeded the Right Worshipful Brother Clarke, deputized the then Worshipful Brother, Gerard W. Bean and charged him to complete the work that the previous Grand Inspectors has commenced. The administrative and the physical tasks of forming the fourth lodge were accomplished in 1987. This lodge was named Friendship and Harmony Lodge # 894.

The prerequisite being met, Provincial Grand Lodge was consecrated on Saturday, 21st January 1989 at Freemason’s Hall, 43 Reid Street, Hamilton Bermuda.

The ceremony was conducted by R. W. Brother Major George M. Malone, The Deputy Grand Master and assisted by such high ranking officials; V. W. Ian Murphy, The Grand Inspector of Jamaica, R. W. Ralph Seligman, The District Grand Master of Bahamas, Charles Z. Mann, Grand Inspector of the English Group of Lodges in Bermuda and Bro. Larry Davis deputizing for Bro Percy J. Spencer, R.W. Grand Superintendent of the Scottish Lodges in Bermuda.

The eleven local Masonic Lodges were represented. Representation from overseas lodges included brethren from The Grand Lodge of The State of New York, The Bahamas, New Jersey, and Bahamas & Turks.

During the ceremony Right Worshipful Brother Dr. Clarence E. James, would move from the position of Grand Inspector of the Irish Lodges in Bermuda, a position that he had held for a relatively short span of time, to occupy the historic position of becoming the first Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bermuda, (I. C.); and thus become the first of the “Home Lodges” to be governed from within it shores.

The first order of business was to thank and congratulate the brethren responsible for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bermuda, most notably; the late Very Worshipful Brothers George Arthur DeShields and Lawrence L. Clarke and the organizing committee for their efforts.

Right Worshipful Brothers; Clarence E. James, Grand Inspector (Chairman), Gerard W. Bean (Secretary), Very Worshipful Brothers; Oliver N. Dickenson, Leslie Lynch, Milton Paynter, Derek G. Selby, Hubert H. L. Simmons and Henry A. J. Simons, Worshipful Brothers; J. Alfred Carey, Clyde L. M. Darrell, Lennett M. Edwards, Edmund E. Rochester and Earlston Tuzo.